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What is the difference between eczema and psoriasis? Noticable Differences

        Most people have heard or seen a commercial about eczema or may even have a relative with the condition, but what is eczema, it’s warning signs, and your treatment options if you happen to be suffering from this condition?

        Put simply, eczema is a red and itchy inflammation of the skin, but there is of course more to it than this. While you are more likely to contract this type of issue when you are a child, it is important to note that eczema can occur on anyone and at any age. This condition also happens to be chronic, which means it could be with you for quite an extended period of time despite its seemingly periodic appearance on your skin.

       While no cure has been found for this condition at this time, this does not mean there is no hope. Until science advanced until that time, there are treatment options you can consider when dealing with eczema. There are also personal steps that you can take to self treat the issue and reduce the symptoms and flare ups that may occur. 
      Try and avoid using and harsh or rough soaps that may cause agitation to the skin, and make sure that you keep your skin moisturized on a regular basis. If you are someone who supplies themselves with any other types of medicated creams, ointments or medications from Australian pharmacy you should be sure to make regular treatments of these as well

       It is pretty easy to tell if you are experiencing the symptoms of eczema, so be sure to be on the lookout for any of the following conditions that may occur;

       If you notice any patches of dry skin on your body, or skin that may also become very itchy especially in the evening when you are trying to wind down for the night. You may notice that these patches of skin happen to be a reddish or brown color and have a tendency to target specific areas of the body such as your elbows and knees. Your feet, ankles, wrist, neck, and upper chest are also common place spots for this to occur as well. 
          You may go years without seeing symptoms after your last flare up but it is important that you talk to your doctor if these symptoms begin to disrupt you normal routines and activities, or if you begin to develop any type of skin infection or skin lesions due to the damage experienced to the skin or from scratching. You may be at a higher risk to develop eczema if you have any type of family history of hay fever or other common allergies and asthma.

         Eczema is a problem but it does not have to rule your life. Take the proper precautions to protect yourself. And as always be happy, and be healthy!

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