How to determine if you have premature ejaculation and then treat it and ultimately cure it

Premature ejaculation is a common problem among men in Australia. Worldwide, studies have shown that it effects 20% of men between the ages of 18 and 59. That’s one out of every five men! Despite its prevalence, you have probably heard very little about this affliction. That’s because it’s embarrassing for most men. There is a social expectation that men are only manly if they are able to last for a long time in bed, but recently perception is beginning to change. Australian society’s conceptions about what makes a man masculine are shifting. As culture progresses, dated social constructs are being broken down for the benefit of everyone. Just like any other medical condition, premature ejaculation does not make a man any “less manly.”


Premature ejaculation

In fact, occasional premature ejaculation is completely normal, and not a cause for concern. However, if premature ejaculation happens too often, a man may consider seeking medical intervention. Some anti-depressants have been shown to be effective in combating premature ejaculation. That’s because one common cause of premature ejaculation is depression. Some other common causes are: high stress, anxiety (especially anxiety about sexual performance), relationship problems, and feelings of guilt. Fortunately, all of those causes have simple solutions that don’t require a prescription. One common cause of high stress is a stressful work environment. Evaluate your desk and workplace to make sure it’s not the cause of your stress. If you work in a messy environment, it may be helpful to take a moment to tidy everything up, even if you’re very busy.

Stress factors

Also, if you’re feeling stressed, you can talk to your manager, team leader, and coworkers to try to help them to understand what you’re going through. Hopefully, you can find a way to ease your burden and make your life less stressful. A similar strategy may work for feelings of anxiety. Anxiety can have several different causes, but I recommend you start at work and figure out what you can do there on a daily basis to make yourself less anxious. Meditation is also a great remedy for anxiety. In fact, simply meditating daily may be able to cure premature ejaculation. Meditation has other health effects that can be very beneficial as well. If the premature ejaculation is caused by feelings of guilt, it may be a good idea to explore the reasons why you feel guilty.

Having a therapist that you can go to in order to explore these guilty feelings could be the right approach.

Therapist or psychologist

A therapist will not judge their patient for any medical issues you have, so despite them not being a doctor, it’s not necessarily a bad idea to let them know what you’re going through with premature ejaculation. Lastly, if your problems are caused by relationship issues, it helps to do things with your partner that are not sexually intimate in order to build chemistry and confidence in your relationship. Go on a date, or simply spend more time together not having sex. The more chemistry that exists in your relationship, the less pressure you’ll feel to perform in the bedroom. Of course, therapy is a great option in this case as well. Seeing a couples therapist can help address any deep seated issues being harbored between you and your partner.

Suggests for sex

Couples counseling can sometimes unearth some difficult things to talk about, but experiencing this discomfort can significantly strengthen the bond you feel between you and your loved one. All in all, premature ejaculation is nothing to be too worried about. It’s definitely treatable by Generic Priligy. Even if you decide not to pursue any of the suggestions mentioned in this article, there are other methods that focus less on solving the root cause and addressing managing the symptoms. One of those methods is to simply stop having sex whenever the urge to orgasm arrives.

Don’t give up

Simply wait it out before starting again. Or, if that doesn’t work, just think about things that distract you and make you less aroused during sex. Try thinking of as many different types of trees as you can, or any other thing that is completely non-sexual to you and helps you take your mind off having an orgasm. These are just a few ideas for helping you manage premature ejaculation.

Jayden Burke

Psychiatrist at Sydney Day Hospital
Dr. Jayden Burke is one of a few medicinal experts, where he deals with a functioning practice in SDH's Essential Consideration Center and co-directs the Multidisciplinary Depression Treatment Group at SDH. He earned his therapeutic degree from the College of Missouri Institute of Medication in Columbia, Missouri, where he additionally finished his residency in family prescription. He earned his four year college education from Truman State College in Kirkistown, Kansas.
Jayden Burke